Sunday, September 19, 2010

Script for Political Message

The scene: Outside view of very modest single storey house, with mail box prominent by the side walk.

Characters: Harry, a retiree in his late sixties (whose short-term memory is a bit patchy) and Louise, his wife*, a year or two younger than he.

Scene I

Wide angle shot of a very modest single storey house, with the mail box by the sidewalk in the foreground. Camera pans in on H. coming to pick up the mail; he takes out 3 or 4 letters and looks through them more than once.

H. More medical bills.

Examines the mail again with puzzled look; turns and goes back to the house.

Scene II

H. goes through the hallway into kitchen where Louise is sitting at a table.

L. Is there anything interesting?

H. Well, you might call it interesting that my Social Security check has still not come; it’s days late.

L. Harry, your short-term memory is really getting a bit frayed. Who’s got the majority in Congress now?

Louise gets up and comes round stand behind H. with an arm round his shoulder

H. Of course, the Republicans scraped by with a tiny majority last November, but that still doesn’t explain the delay in my check.

L. Oh yes it does.
Don’t you remember that they handed Social security over to Big Banks on Wall Street, and after the plunge in the markets a few weeks ago, we got a message saying that it would be at least two months more before any payments could be made.

H. Oh God! Of course, But it sure leaves us in a big hole, and what do we do about all these medical bills? We seem to be billed for much bigger co-pays these days.

L. Yes, that’s because instead of paying 80% of approved procedures, Medicare now pays only 50%; and fewer procedures are approved.

H. This’ll mean using up that little reserve we kept for the grandchildren.

l. Yes. This really isn't just a political issue; it's a matter of social justice. It may be cold comfort, but at least we stood up for principle and didn’t vote for the party of the rich.

H. Why would any sane person have done that?

Fade out; bring up banner caption:


* You may remember Harry & Louise from earlier political commercials.

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